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Welcome Pokemon Masters!

 We would like you to offer you a chance to play the new Pokemon PC game that has been in development for some time now. We are able to offer this game to you now for free so that you may now experience Pokemon in a whole different way. To get started click Play Now and continue to install the toolbar and with that you will get the Pokemon PC game for a limited time!



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Frequently Asked Question (Updated July 2010)

How do I get the game?
By clicking the Play Now for Free button you will be prompted to download the toolbar, once you have installed that Pokemon PC will be available to play for free for as long as you have it installed!

Where do I heal my Pokemon in the game?
There is a Pokecenter in the main village and the other villages that you will find with more exploring.

How do I catch the wild Pokemon?
Pokeballs can be purchased at the Pokemarts within the starting village and the other villages. You must also get the wild Pokemon weak enough before you can catch it!

We have been getting a lot of feedback from you guys and welcome anymore that you may have. We will add more questions as they come in but remember that the game is pretty self explanatory if you know how the Pokemon games worked in the past!




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